17062004-27062004  DLUX MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL
Sydney Opera House gallery exhibition. Sydney, Australia.

  "Lastly let me draw attention to a delicately reformatted version of the everyday work environment in Enrique Radigales’ idealword.org. This Spanish “author of aesthetic discourses”, utilises the word processing tools of the digital office to make seemingly simple yet seductively elegant and complex works from such banal subject matter as portraits of the other office workers and seminar attendees, or line drawing of nudes and major works from art history. The novelty, subtlety and craft here is in the intelligent and tightly composed vertical and horizontal code that almost magically transpose into graphically elegant multilayered images.

The jumbled and illegible horizontal blocks of text which add perspective and composition to the drawings can be read in the HTML code or by selecting the text and choosing Edit > Copy / Edit > Paste in any processing program. Revealed beneath the surface are weird and wonderful (mostly Spanish) texts – exerts from Microsoft Word Readmes, psychology text, tedious lists or law documents. Idealword plays with text as image and the physicality of the net, to produce dynamic and rhythmic download viewing experience. This is what Networked art at its best is about… revealling news perspectives in a smart, accessible, and playful manner.

After discovering the striking beauty in Radigales work (perhaps subtitled Microsoft Word on Acid), you will never look at an office document, or a co-worker in the same way again."

  Melinda Rackham


IdealWord 2005 | made at home